What movie title best describes your life?

"True Grit," the John Wayne version, because it’s kind of a rough setting and they’re cowboys and they run around and run into trouble and stuff like that. That’s me.

Audrey Ahlness

New Richmond

It’s got to be a buddy comedy. "Road Trip." It’s basically a group of friends trying to help their buddy get this video tape back that accidentally got sent to his girlfriend. So for me, it’s about hanging out with your friends, having fun and just spending time with them. And if an “Oops” happens, your friends have your back.

Josh Kruschke


They haven’t made my movie yet, but when they do, I’ll have to star in it. I’m the only one who knows the story.

Alexus Houman


"47 Meters Down: Uncaged." It’s a good match because right now I just realized that I have all the wrong classes picked out so I had to change everything and now I’m starting from scratch, while trying to balance a full-time job and a four-year-old daughter, chaos.

Nicole Norlander


"Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" because it’s so random and such a ... show and that’s what I feel my life is right now. Funny things happen for no reason and you just have to laugh about it, roll with it. That’s kind of how you have to watch "Anchorman," you just kind of have to roll with it because you don’t really know what’s going on.

Tashana Wall

New Richmond


It would be a silent, black-and-white movie where you can see these people being influenced by different things and different stuff happening. You know what’s happening just from looking at it. It’s so honest, you don’t need words to describe it.

Seth Richey


"Ferris Bueller’s Day Off." It fits for me because some days you just feel like skipping school, getting the heck out, hitting the town, riding around in a red Ferrari.

Wyatt Carper

New Richmond

"Groundhog Day." Because it feels like I do the same thing over and over every day, wake up, go to work, go to school, go back, go to sleep, repeat.

Joseph Munson


"Scott Pilgrim vs the World." On the surface, it’s a very bombastic film with cool, F.E.A.R. gamesque like fights. Underneath it’s a film about growing up and learning from your mistakes, accepting who you are as a person. I’ve always had to deal with relationship issues and never feeling like I was a good person, but it doesn’t matter if I’m a good person or not, all that matters is I learn from my mistakes, I accept them, and I try to become a better person because of it. That’s why that film speaks to me on sort of an emotional and almost spiritual level.

Joshua Mattingly

Glenwood City

"Trailer Park Boys: The Movie." I’m unemployed, I like the alcohol a little bit, I’m a little bit crazy and a little bit stupid.

Agostino Banda


"Friday." It’s a comedy. It always puts you in a good mood. It’s based on two people, just a typical Friday in their neighborhood, not a care in the world, just having a good time. And other movie would be "The Pursuit of Happiness" with Will Smith. I didn’t always have a good upbringing, not easy, but I kind of battled through it and pushed through the storm and now it’s looking better. Those two sum it up for me.

Anthony Smith

St. Paul

"Forrest Gump." I’m approaching half way through the movie and it’s been good so far, a lot of crazy experiences, a lot of curveballs. I ended up here (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College) and I’m 39. It’s about, how did I get here and, I’m going to make the best of it.

Audie Christianson

Deer Park