What is happening in Red Wing?


Having observed Red Wing for almost four decades, recent events have been troubling, to say the least. I speak specifically of the recent shootings.

I saw the RWPD posts on Facebook and read many of the comments. There seems to be divisive opinions recklessly posted virtue signalling, so to speak. They pit one politically defined group against the other. Some blame low-income people, and others blaming an inanimate object, the gun. Neither is correct of course, as neither owning a firearm nor lack of income produces evil.

An individual is accountable to their own set of beliefs, the laws, and their neighbors. The arguments that an individual can not make good judgment and right action because they are a victim of some experience in their life, doesn't hold water. We are all free to have our own opinions, but not our own facts.

What are the facts that would reduce the amount of crime in town? What brings these problems? The RWPD keeps a call log and a review of such would tell a story. Are most assaults with a deadly weapon and repeat problems occurring in one area?

Are these people drawn to subsidies and benefits paid by taxpayers? Of course they are. The city of Red Wing likes subsidized housing.They even want more, working with a developer to convert the old St John's Hospital into affordable housing. Who could be against affordable housing? Supporters act like forcing one neighbor, pay for another neighbor, is a virtuous act.

Did freedom reach its expiration date? Subsidies act like a magnet that will draw both good and more evil as well. They don't discriminate.

I have seen this progression and predictable outcomes before. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will get more of the same results.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock

Vote American


I've been receiving mail from political parties lately explaining the negative goals of the opposing party. I can understand the different points of view of people but I would rather hear the positive side of the one sending me the mail.

I've never regarded myself as a Republican or a Democrat, or any other party, but as an American. What one feels would be great for one, might not be good for America. I don't understand how a person can vote party lines, no matter what the issue or person it involves.

I remember Father Donaldson and my Aunt, Sister Vivian, telling me, "You can't vote by one issue." If you truly believe in family and country, how can you follow the beliefs of a party boss without question? There is no way in hell a certain party train of thought is correct all the time. Different ideas provide for a positive future for the majority not the view of an individual's personal fulfillment and personal financial gain. Vote with a conscience not a calculator. Vote as an American.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley