To the editor: 

I subscribe to a weekly newspaper called the Agri News. I originally subscribed to read the weekly column written by Lovina Eicher. Her byline is "Amish Kitchen." Lovina is an Old Order Amish writer, cook, wife and mother of eight. Her column is full of the simple wisdom of family life.

I feel good with life after reading her column. Her life, without a smartphone and air conditioning, is a recipe that includes the simple ingredients of family, hard work and above all love.

Climate change hasn't been easy for Lovinia's family. But because political views are not a part of Lovinia's family life, climate change goes unmentioned.

The July 18, 2018, edition of the Agri News offered me opinions of our president and his followers from an agricultural view point. The opinion page offered views on rain, stress, the deep state, Mother Nature and the economy, etc.

In combining some of the opinion views here is what I came up with: On July 8, President Donald Trump gave a speech defending his indefensible record on the environment. On the same day, according to agriculture journalist Alan Guebert, the Washington, D. C., metro area was deluged by rainfall not seen since Noah. It seems the White House basement leaked in instead of out. According to writer Guebert, the Climate Change Denier-in-Chief stood flanked by former lobbyists representing oil and coal; now his secretaries of, my term, climate destruction.

As the president looked from the White House down Constitution Avenue to the National Mall, cars stalled submerged in the rain flooded avenue. The president must have thought the dim headlights were lights for him.

Closer to the Midwest cows were learning how to swim. Midwest farmers were trying to figure how to apply for "prevent planting payments" due to wet fields.

My conservative farm friends are not so bold lately when it comes to defending the president's environmental policies. They are just whispering. Their cows are stressed providing enough hamburgers for Trump. Their fields are wet. Their help is hard to find because immigrants are locked up at the southern border. Family farms are for sale. Yes, along with rain, climate change is real.

Keep the faith, Lovina.

Bruce Yernberg

Red Wing