To the editor: 

Civility is a powerful word. It means both politeness and courtesy. Can you think of any two words more welcome in any social situation? If you are looking for only one word to describe "Minnesota Nice," try civility.

Believe it or not, there is a group of people in Red Wing trying to focus on the importance and meaning of civility. It's harder than you might think. There are people and programs devoted to the positive impacts of civility; but, none of them can come close to a letter to the editor on Wednesday, July 24.

That letter shared a family's special love that they have for all of the Special Education people and everybody else who have cared for their daughter, who had special needs. This was a rejoiceful letter. It was a simple reminder that there are people who care so much about the things that make us human that they can outshine any darkness. I believe, that is the definition of a star.

So, thank you Chalmers/Martin Family for reminding us that caring for each other matters. It is hard to see stars in the daylight; but you proved to us that they are there.

Paul Drotos

Red Wing