I think fall may be my favorite sports season. Although a few students may disagree, there is nothing more exciting than a new school year.

There are new students in the building, new leaders on each of our teams, and renewed enthusiasm from both our coaches and student-athletes. Each school year brings a new beginning and a fresh start.

This is the only season where we play the majority of our varsity games outside at night. There is nothing better than watching a soccer or football game in the fall weather under the lights.

Of course, you never know what you will get when it comes to the weather. We have already had some games in the heat and some that required a sweatshirt or jacket.

It won’t be too long until fans may have to pull out the blankets and coats for our games. I know we live in Minnesota and have come to expect this, but it always amazes me to be wearing shorts to a football game one week and hats and gloves the following week.

I know that we have to enjoy any nice weather while we have it. By the time section playoffs come around at the end of the season, we are typically playing in very cold temperatures or sometimes even snow.

There are some nights when I wish our nice fall weather lasted a little longer into the football season. Although we may not be as fanatical as the schools in Texas, watching football under the “Friday Night Lights” has always been a favorite of mine.

It is great to see families who do not even have a son on the team or a student in high school come out to the games on a Friday night.

The Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park communities really support our teams. Going to away games also makes me appreciate the very nice stadium that we have at Park.

Our field, bleachers, and press box make our stadium one of the nicest around. Once a game has ended and all of the fans have left Wolfpack Stadium, I love just looking out over the field and in the stands and admiring the nice facility that we have.

Thank you to the students, parents, and community for coming out to support all of our fall teams. Enjoy the fall – winter will be here before we know it. Go Wolfpack!