If you could share a cup of coffee with anyone, famous or not, alive or dead, who would you choose and what would your first question be?

My mom. I’d ask her, "What heaven is like?"

Connie Ruppert


President Trump. How can you put up with all the crap that’s thrown at you on a daily basis?

Dave Merten

River Falls

Tom Holland. The first question? Maybe, tea or coffee? I’d ask him, if he could travel anywhere in the world, which I’m sure he can, where would he go?

Katie Niec


Robert Redford. I’d ask him, “Why haven’t you asked me to be in any of your movies?”

Donna Gleason

River Falls

I would want to sit down with somebody who’s not in the history books, somebody who lived through one of those fantastic moments in history, to get the common man’s perspective. I would want to sit with an average farmer in the North the day after they learned about the Gettysburg Address. I would want to ask him, “So what do you think about that?”

Linnea Morgen

River Falls

My best friend. I’d probably just ask her how she’s doing, like how her days been? It’s important to know, because I love her and she’s my person.

Emma Kolo


Jesus. My first question would be, “What can I do to help?”

Kevin Black

River Falls

My mom. I would just ask her how her day’s going. We’re close. I just like to check in with her.

Sarah Blume

Big Lake, Minn.

I would say my grandpa who passed away three years ago. I would ask, “How is it up there?”

I miss him.

Erin Clemens


My friend Mary Kay. She passed in 2015. I would want to know, “Are you well, in heaven?” I had a lot of cups of coffee with her. One more would be nice. I miss her.

Nancy Rock

River Falls

A farmer. I’d ask them, “What would they want the general population to know, like what’s a common misconception that they would want to tell the truth about?

Bailey Fisher

Lakeville, Minn.