If you could choose one of the following four special abilities, to be able to fly, breathe under water, run 100 mph or be able to speak any language, which one would you choose and why?

I would choose to speak any language. Then I could go anywhere and understand everything and speak to anyone. The accents would be cool, like an Australian accent or British accent, the fact that I could just do them.

Taylor Ziarnick

Rochester, Minn.

Any language. It would be interesting going to other countries and being able to just speak the language without any practice.

Dennis Wasson

Balsam Lake

Breathe underwater. You’d have less of a chance of dying while you’re swimming and I’m a horrible swimmer. If you get tired, you could just sit on the bottom or walk the rest of the way back.

Daniel Cloutier


I’d choose to run 100 mph. Save on gas, don’t have to deal with birds. I’d definitely want to be clocked.

Cole Johnson

New Richmond

I would pick flying so I don’t have to drive 40 miles one way to work and 40 miles home. Economy, it’s practical. Even if I couldn’t drive and had to fly, even in January, bundle up or I could travel, go south in the winter.

Jack Peterson

New Richmond

Run 100 mph because then I could have a world record Ironman time. Why not? I could beat my kids in races. I wouldn’t need a car anymore. Traffic would be nonexistent. I could run cross-country. No gas. So it’s green for the environment.

Dawn Mihalovic-Bayer


Flying because then I could go wherever I wanted and fly as high as I wanted. No more traffic, no more gas.

Dave Houle

Cottage Grove, Minn.

I’d choose to speak any language because I think it would be the most beneficial for business probably. You could understand anyone, live anywhere, survive in any culture. You’d be a hot commodity. Flying would be cool because you wouldn’t pay for travel any more but, with language, I could probably talk my way into some free rides.

Evan Robert

St. Paul, Minn.

Flying because you could adventure the whole world and I could fly to school.

Jayden Lundeen

New Richmond