President Trump held a rally Thursday, Oct. 10, in Minneapolis. If you had attended the rally, either inside the Target Center or outside, what would you have written on your sign?

I’m originally from Canada. I wouldn’t have gone. I just don’t like the guy. I don’t want to endorse him in any way, shape, or form. If I could vote, it wouldn’t be him. My sign would have said, “It’s not going to happen again.”

Robyn Route

New Richmond

I wouldn’t have gone. My sign would say, “I just want everyone to get along.” I’m somebody who wants to see both sides come together.

Tarisa Ramis

Clear Lake

My sign would read, “Trump 2020.”

Valerie Peterson


“Trump for 20.”

Andrea Westerberg

Clear Lake

I did go to the rally. My sign would have been, “Trump 2020.”

Noah Koska

New Richmond

“Dump Trump.”

Dawn Hibbard

New Richmond

“Trump 2020.”

John Molamphy

Balsam Lake

“Right or left wing, both wings are on the same bird.” We all have to live with each other, so.

Tracy Geving

New Richmond

I’m not sure what I want to honestly say is appropriate. But I would go with, “Good riddance in 2020.”

Melissa Moe

New Richmond

I probably wouldn’t make a sign because his presidency is going to be over soon or he could win, so I’m kind of just waiting for what’s next. I don’t necessarily have a strong opinion about it. I didn’t think there were any fantastic options in the last election four years ago so I wasn’t too engaged. I guess for my sign, I’d go with, “What comes next?”

Aaron Anderson

New Richmond

I wouldn’t have gone. I’m very dissatisfied with President Trump and his policies. My sign would read something like, “Refugees are people too.”

Matthew Nestrud