Last weekend the 15th class was inducted into Park’s Hall of Fame. We had five quality candidates that were honored on Nov. 23:

Ashley (Homan) Bailey (Class of 2004)

Tom Busch (Class of 2003)

Joel Jensen (Class of 1991)

Dan Stratton (Class of 1977)

Scott Swanson (Class of 1993)

The Hall of Fame has been one of the best aspects of my job because it has allowed me to get to know some of the great names from Park’s past. I have met great people like Granny Smith, Glenn Bourquin, Roger Pribnow, John Mausolf, Jeff Nelson, Don Gramenz, Tim Scanlan and many other great inductees throughout the years.

I have been fortunate enough to watch some of our inductees during their playing days while at Park, including Sam Jacobson, Laura Peters, Jenny Bauer, Luke Appert, and Jackie Voigt. I have also had the honor of working with coaches that are Hall of Fame members like Charlie Whitbred and Kerry Ligtenberg.

Last year’s inductees included Tim Cornwell, Gary Fehrman, Dale Howe, Voigt, Lauren (Burks) Zidon, and the 1993 state championship softball team. I know the inductees always enjoy having former players or teammates there to honor them.

I was amazed that some of this year’s inductees had three or four tables filled with friends and family that were there to honor them this year. We also have many of our previous inductees attend, as well as some of our current Park coaching staff, all to honor these coaches, athletes, and community members who have made a difference at Park High School.

I know the Hall of Fame Committee worked very hard to make this a special event. A special thank you goes to fellow committee members and Park teachers Walter Newcomb, John McGowan, Kate Schwartz, Steph Tolkinen, Scott Leonard, and Stacy Paleen.

They have done a great job organizing and promoting this event. The crew at River Oaks did a great job to help made the banquet a truly memorable experience for all those involved. Congrats to this year’s inductees.

Nomination ballots can be found on Park’s website if you know of someone that is deserving of this special recognition.