Family, food, and football - it does not get much better than this. Having just eaten all the turkey that I can eat and watched enough football games to last me until at least this weekend, I wanted to take a moment to comment on some of the many things I am grateful for.

I am thankful that I am the Activities Director at Park High School, and that my three children were able to attend this great school. The administration, teachers, and entire staff here are truly the best around.

The entire coaching staff has been working to change the culture of Park athletics, and I truly enjoy coming to work each day. I am grateful that our coaching staff has adopted Joe Ehrmann’s “InSideOut Coaching” philosophy as we examine how sports can transform the lives of our student-athletes.

Most people in the community have no idea how much the staff does for the kids of Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park on a daily basis. I am thankful that so many people take the time to read this article.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback that I receive. I am grateful that the community, school and district administration, and school board all support the co-curricular opportunities available to the students in our district.

I am thankful that my oldest child graduated from a great school like the University of Wisconsin – Madison and my middle child attends another great school, the University of Minnesota (although we all know which one is better).

I am grateful that my youngest son loves sports as much as I do and that I get to watch him in his sports: football, basketball, and tennis. Even better, he loves school just as much as he loves sports. He knows that his education is way more important than sports.

I am grateful for my health and the health of my family (I must remind myself not to take these for granted). Finally, I am especially thankful for my wife. I spend many hours at events and meetings at Park.

I would not be able to do this job if it were not for my very understanding and patient wife. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has many things to be thankful for.