What is the best use of snow?

Grooming cross-country ski trails. Once in a while, I have to break trail first. Can’t wait for the snow. My skis are waxed and ready to go. Look, I have my arctic coat on!

LeAnne Roggemann

Chisago City, Minn

Building snowmen. I like snow, but I’m not traveling. So, three balls, traditional, scarf, everything. Carrot for the nose and I try to come up with something different for the hat, not always the same thing.

Corrie Christensen

New Richmond

I think you could make kind of a snowball and then add flavoring to it and eat it. Cherry, grape, strawberry and you basically have a snow cone. Actually my favorite flavor is root beer. You have to get the snow right away while it’s fresh, not after it’s plowed.

James Dyrud

New Richmond

I’m looking forward to the snow. I love snow. I like making snowmen and snow angels. To make an angel, you just flop over in the snow and start flapping. For the snowman, three balls, hat, scarf, and twig arms. I use whatever hats we have, so depending on what’s available, it could be a snowgal. I enjoy it with my kids.

Brandi Bell

New Richmond

I like looking at snow. I don’t like driving in it. I do like tubing, going to the Badlands and tubing. The goal is to hook up with as many other tubes as you can. In high school, we had a contest and we got six people on one tube but we didn’t go very far.

Grace Fox

New Richmond

I like to snowshoe. Been doing it for five or six years. I have the metal featherweight shoes. It’s good exercise and it’s easy to do. I try to go every day, if I can get out, for my daily walk. I’m looking forward to the snow.

Jeanne Madsen


I do like snowblowing. I have a gas snowblower. I’m looking forward to getting it out of the garage. I have a driveway and I do snowblow other people’s driveways too, I like it that much.

Mike Cavett

New Richmond

I don’t like snow. I’d say my only winter sport is driving to work. I am not looking forward to the snow, not at all, but I won’t have to mow my lawn so maybe that’s the best part about snow, I don’t have to cut my grass!

Andrew Blanton

Star Prairie

Skiing, going sledding with my kids. Snowmen for sure, snow forts, ice skating, snowmobiling, snowball fights, hot chocolate, I love it all. I’m ready and the kids are so ready. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

Rachel Brown

Star Prairie

I used to like snow when I was younger, but not any more. Now I’m cold all the time. Last winter it was like, I’m cold and I can’t warm up. The kids like sledding, so I do have a reason to get out there unfortunately. I do have hopes of turning it around. It would be better than just being cold all the time.

Megan Walters

New Richmond

Not a fan of snow. I might occasionally make a snowman or a snow angel or two, but reluctantly. The faster it melts, the happier I am.

Breanna Natysin