What is your secret for staying warm all winter?

Dress appropriately. Layers. You can’t put it on if you don’t have it, but you can always take it off. Peel as needed. I’m old school -- no hand warmers, electric socks. For me, the secret is the boots. If my feet get cold first, I’m done. Hat second, then gloves.

Kent Christensen

River Falls

Wearing snow clothes. Jacket and boots. I only wear a hat when I’m playing in the snow. I was in school, so I wasn’t wearing gloves, I wasn’t going to be outside, but they are important.

Benjamin Deuth


Make believe you’re in Florida.

Ernest Koukal

River Falls

No secret, just being fat, personal insulation. Plus a good jacket and a hat if you don’t want to do anything with your hair. If it gets to single digits, I go to the heavier jacket. Cold weather doesn’t bother me a whole lot. The jacket is critical. Mine is some kind of fiber filled, the high tech stuff with the shiny inside to reflect the body heat, kind of like a hot dog bun.

Joe O’Connell

River Falls

Common sense. Stay inside if you can. If I have to go outside, I have a heated vest. It runs on a rechargeable battery. It’s unbelievable. It has three settings, low, medium and high. If you use the low setting, it will go for 8 hhours. On high it’s good for about four hours. It costs about $100. We got it for a Packer game this year. It does work.

Craig Miles

River Falls

Cold is just a frame of mind. Think of warm places, the Caribbean, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas. If hits 10 degrees, I’m thinking about curling my toes in the sand. But sometimes positivity only goes so far when it gets really cold. Got to keep the hat on especially when you have no hair.

Jesse Feyereisen


Hot chocolate, fireplaces and a really warm coat filled with as much goose down as possible. I wear a hat, mittens, boots when there’s actually snow on the ground. Today I’m holding on to hot chocolate in lieu of mittens. Cold is a frame of mind, but the sun makes it all better even if it is cold.

Mara Shepherd

River Falls

Long johns. That’s the ticket. You put them on first for a good base, then add more layers. I rock the long johns when the leaves start falling. No flap, just the standard long john. Good socks and boots and a hood. I’m a hood guy, keeps the wind off your neck.

Mitch Kobs

New Richmond

Long johns absolutely and multiple layers, but it starts with the long johns. Leggings, maybe the thermal kind, no flaps. Usually the long johns and one more layer does it. At home, I just add a pair of sweat pants. We’re in Wisconsin! I try to wait as long as possible, but usually by mid-November and for sure by the first snow, I’m wearing my long johns. Hats and mittens are a must and a good heavy coat like this with a hood.

Desiree Golden

Star Prairie

Mittens help. When we get to a consistent 20 degrees, the mittens come out. Big mittens, not gloves. I never wear a hat. It messes up my hair.

Joe Turnipseed

New Richmond

Put your hands in your pockets and just stay still. The less movement you have the warmer you get. Works to like maybe 30-40 degrees if the wind’s not more than 10-16 mph and out of the south. If it swings around to the north, you might as well move, not a lot, maybe pace back and forth a little. Any kind of movement will work, get the blood moving. I don’t start adding gear until the temps go negative.

Hunter Weber

St. Croix Falls

I don’t have a secret, I’m cold all the time. I’m looking for the secret. I’m a seven layer minimum person. Starts maybe mid summer and by winter, I’m wearing as many layers as I can.

Brittany Hansen


100% wool socks and boots that aren’t too tight, proper fitting boots so the air can circulate. Same with mittens, not too tight to your fingers. You can go cheap with ketchup, but when it comes to Midwest winter gear, you should probably spend a little more money, it’s worth the price. ... I always keep an extra set of warm clothes with me because you’re dealing with cold and wet, not a good mix.

Derek Sigsworth

New Richmond