What do you want your finals words to be?

Long live Jah (Jahseh Onfroy). He was my inspiration to become a SoundCloud rapper.

Jarek Olson

New Richmond

Take care of my truck.

Nick Haley

Clear Lake

I never regretted anything.

Ashley Ewald


Peace on earth.

Darryl Moody


I love you.

Parker and Ian Kluck


Anything but, call 911.

Joanna Davignon

Star Prairie

Hey, are you going to eat that?

Hazel, Dan and Mara Nork

New Richmond

That was fun.

Matthew Hintzman

New Richmond

I shouldn’t have done that.

Mike Richter

New Richmond

Told you so.

Jade Peckels


I’m glad I tried everything because otherwise I’d never know.

Lance Harris

Eau Claire

Enjoy your family and make the most of your life.

Juliann Klatt

Mesa, Ariz.