What memory instantly makes you smile?

My first born baby boy, Henry, seven years ago. It was all more than I expected. I was 27 years old at the time. We just had our first child. We had just bought a house. I had just gotten out of the military and all of a sudden, there’s this creature in front of me, with blond hair and red ears. Holding him for the first time, I couldn’t find the words. My wife just gave birth to our third son two weeks ago.

Mike Beck

East Farmington

My cabin. It’s in Douglas County. I’m headed there right now with Charlie. It’s secluded, a bunch of land in the middle of the woods. I have a chair on the deck and that’s where I plan to be, just staring off into the woods doing nothing.

Larry Charbonneau & Charlie

New Richmond

It was 2008, game 162, CC Sabathia pitched his fourth game in a row on three days' rest. Ryan Braun hit a 2-run home run in the 8th inning to take the lead. After C.C hit for himself in the 8th inning, he pitched the 9th inning to close the game out and pick up the win. The Mets lost their game and the Brewers ended up winning a spot in Wild Card game.

Rick Larson

Star Prairie

When I go back to school.

Kristina and Zana Vozni

Fridley, Minn.

When I got my first car. My parents gave me a part of the car but I didn’t know what it was. They brought it out to me and said, “Here you go.” It was a big hunk of plastic and I said, “What’s this?” They said, “It’s a part for your new car,” and they brought me out to the car. I was 16 years old and it was a silver ‘02 Chrysler Concorde.

Zachary Hochstetler


Maui. Sun and beach. The whole thing about Maui is, it’s so laid back. It’s Maui time. Everybody’s just calm, cool and collected. Nothing is time pressed. If you really want to relax and kick back, it’s got to be Maui. The beaches are beautiful and the water’s clear and clean and blue. Favorite time to be there is right before the sun sets. 80 degrees, cold beer.

Dale Degerman

Star Prairie

Hunting with my three girls, 19, 18 and 14 and probably when my oldest, Mercedes, shot her first buck. It was a nice 8 pointer in Strum, Wisconsin. I was so proud of her. I was probably more excited than she was. She thought it was no big deal.

Chad Mortimer

Star Prairie

The first time I caught a sunfish with my grandpa. I was probably 2 years old. We were out fishing on his dock and I’d been trying for probably three hours to catch one fish. The very first time the bobber went down, I caught the fish. It was probably the happiest I’ve been in my young life.

Adam Reigel

Star Prairie

Showing my 4-H pigs. I have two pigs named King and Queen. This was my first year showing them.

Kendra Christensen