I write with a mixture of pride and disappointment. I am proud that our City Council is strong and independent. They made the difficult but necessary choice to take local law enforcement in a new direction.

I am sad and angry that Mike Wilson used his new position as mayor to deceive us. Wilson stated (RE 03-06-21) that only two people had contacted him supporting the City Council’s decision. I personally know more than two people who contacted him supporting the council.

The rest of Wilson’s column seemed like the far-fetched bluster of a sideshow barker, desperately trying to sway an audience to buy snake oil. Wilson’s over-the-top attempt to give credibility to his own point of view makes it clear that he has a personal agenda apart from the wellbeing of residents. We have seen no positive message of hope and unity from Wilson. Instead, Wilson has sown the seeds of discord with his version of what he wants us to believe are citizen complaints.

Wilson is a relic of a time long past, when “good old boys” ruled. I suspect Wilson hopes a recall of the current City Council would take us back to those days.

If new insight into Wilson has given you “buyer’s remorse,” we can recall Mayor Mike Wilson now and limit the pain he will inevitably cause.

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I am confident that many other voters will want a chance to reconsider their decision.

Janie DeVries

Red Wing