On Saturday (Jan. 24), I attended a town meeting in Afton featuring Democrat state senator Katie Sieben, who also represents me, and Republican state representative Denny McNamara.

However, there should be more people when they meet like this. Why? Because a meeting like this brings people of all political stripes and it gets them out of their comfort zone.

For example, Katie dealt with a man who had union conspiracies and Denny dealt with a former public school teacher.

That is why elected officials usually do not have these non-partisan meetings because they feel more like debates.

But this is the way a town meeting should be for it gives the official a feel on what other people are thinking and makes him or her less likely to go into partisan bickering.

Therefore, both Denny and Katie should be commended when they do this and I hope for more.

William C. Labovitch

South St. Paul