Turbines are beautiful

I do not believe the city should cap the height of wind turbines at 100 feet as stated in the July 8 editorial ("City should cap wind turbines at 100 feet"). At least not for a commercial electric customer such as the high school. I could understand this for residential electric customers where wind turbines are not generally feasible anyway.

Many people believe that wind turbines are beautiful, and one turbine does not make that much noise.

Coal, which is what much of our energy is produced from, is dirty and has high environmental costs that wind does not have.

Steve Tyykila


Garden tour was a success

A hearty thank you to everyone who took time to visit the lovely gardens on tour for the 11th annual South Washington County Garden Tour. Your participation helped the Garden Tour Committee raise over $10,000 to support counseling and community justice programs for area youth.

The committee did their usual outstanding job in producing a first class tour. Thank you to committee members and of course chairperson Maureen Walton for her months of work to produce an outstanding tour. Appreciation also goes to our greeters with special recognition to the members of the Pine Ridge Garden Club .

The 10 Woodbury gardens on this year's tour ranged from a typical city lot to executive homes in the wooded southwest corner of the city. Thanks to those residents who shared their love of gardening and opened their yards for the tour.

Special thanks goes out to the numerous sponsors of the 2009 South Washington County Garden Tour.

Thanks also goes out to the area master gardeners, who were available at most gardens, throughout the day, to answer questions.

Instrumental and vocal music add to the allure of most of the gardens and most gardens also featured a local artist or crafter. Thanks to those musical and visual artists who helped with the event.

Another kudos goes to local retailers who provided refreshments.

For the first time, Garden Tour signs were displayed in Woodbury. Our thanks to Mayor Bill Hargis for getting permissions and to Wellington Management, Woodbury Village and Taramack Village for allowing the signs to be posted on their property.

Thanks again to all who contributed to the success of the tour and a wonderful day.

Paul Weiler

Executive Director

Youth Services Bureau