Now that Lake Elmo Sen. Ted Lillie has emptied the moving van outside his new Woodbury residence - which he bought in order to run for an open Senate seat - it is time for Woodbury voters to become acquainted with him by asking some tough questions.

Lillie is the assistant Senate majority leader, so my first question is: why did his caucus recently vote to spend $85,000 of taxpayer dollars to defend itself against a sex scandal involving former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and former Senate Communications Director Michael Brodkorb? Why doesn't Lillie - as a Senate leader - insist that a private legal defense fund be set up to pay for these outrageous legal bills? Why does Lillie think Woodbury taxpayers should pay for a Senate scandal created by his party?

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My second question is: why did Lillie vote in July 2011 to wipe out the market value homestead credit, which lowered property tax bills on homes valued under $414,000? While Woodbury taxpayers could clearly use this break, if for no other reason Lille should like the fact that lower property taxes mean that Woodbury homeowners would have more money in their pockets to pay the Senate legal bills that Lillie continues to sanction through his silence.

Once "Travelin' Ted" Lillie familiarizes himself with his new surroundings, let's make sure he also understands how Woodbury taxpayers feel about his disregard for our hard-working tax dollars.

Tom Hagel - Woodbury