The School District of Hudson resumes classes Tuesday, and it means a time of adjustment for not only students and parents but all citizens. It is time to take a look at routines and procedures so everyone can enjoy a safe year of school.

District officials are expecting 5,200-plus students in class Tuesday. The obvious change for students and parents is a return to the school routine that includes classes, transportation to school, homework, after-school activities and more.

Parents and students are usually able to make the readjustment quickly.

The lives of teachers also change dramatically. Most have enjoyed an 11-week hiatus. Now they must face the challenge of starting a new year and educating a new group of students.

For those not involved in the school activities, the biggest change will be the transportation of students in the morning and afternoon. Drivers will have to be especially alert as young people are moving around on foot or in buses both before and after school.

A reminder to motorists: If a school bus has red lights flashing, traffic must come to a stop -- that means traffic in BOTH directions. Flashing amber lights do not require a stop, but it is still important to proceed with caution if that situation arises.

Remember, however, not all students are bused; many walk to school or ride bikes. Students must take it upon themselves to follow good safety procedures, but it is up to all motorists to take extra care when students are going to and from school -- always expect the unexpected!

In some Hudson neighborhoods, many children still walk to schools and in many cases are crossing very busy streets. Students attending Willow River Elementary may cross, among others, Vine, St. Croix and Second streets. Those attending Rock Elementary cross the likes of 11th Street. North Hudson Elementary students cross Sixth Street North. Most students are bused to the new River Crest Elementary and Houlton and Prairie Elementary schools, but we are seeing an increasing number of walkers as housing projects begin to surround the buildings.

The middle school is another area that requires special attention as some students walk or ride bikes to school along busy roads such as Vine Street, County UU and Carmichael Road. High school students are older, but the intersection at Vine and Wisconsin streets is another area requiring special attention during the school day and in the evening with a variety of night activities at the school.

We look forward to another productive school year and send good wishes to both students and teachers. Let's also make it a safe year for everyone!