Kudos to Dennis Kennealy! He is a very common-sense man! Last week his letter painted a very clear picture for the need for a Public Safety building over a library building.

Last week I explained that a UW-Madison library has removed 30,000 volumes plus hundreds of other paper items. Midweek it was announced that the 88-year-old James J. Hill Library in St. Paul is seeing its demise due to Web ways to get information. Friday the 127-year-old Minneapolis Grain Exchange announced it is closing the trading pits in December and will be operating electronically as grain trading has migrated to computers. Yes, "times are a changing" -- due to the digital age -- whether we like it or not.

I support spending our tax dollars on additional space for a Public Safety Building that serves the Hudson area. It is wrong that the wonderful people who provide life saving services to us are extremely crowded in their current spaces for both their work and equipment. Currently some emergency vehicles are parked outside the fire hall building due to lack of garage space. It makes me shudder to think about what could happen to someone needing EMS services from a vehicle that is sitting in 30-below-zero weather outside that won't start. Even plugged-in vehicles do not always cooperate in extremely cold weather.

It is dangerous to put the emergency personnel under unnecessary stress that could be prevented if they had the right working conditions to do their lifesaving work. Let us, the Hudson community, get our heads screwed on straight by using our taxpayer dollars to make public safety needs the top priority for our community! It may help save your life or that of a loved one.