To the Editor:

I haven't lived in the New Richmond area very long. I moved here during the summer of 2004. I must say that I've enjoyed living here more than any other place I've lived. I've probably moved less than some but still more than I'd have liked.

One of my joys living here was reading Ced Vig's "Wisconsin Woodsmoke" articles. I looked forward to them each week and it was always the first thing I read in the New Richmond News.

I enjoy wildlife of all kinds and Ced Vig always satisfied my appetite for knowledge about them by feeding me the type of information I liked to know. He would tell me all the little known facts of wildlife from the smallest animal or insect to the largest.

His articles were always positive, informative and uplifting to me. I would also mail his articles to my brother in Florida. I know he'll miss reading them too. It was obvious to me that Ced Vig had always been an active man. A man who was a doer and one that didn't sit back and wait for things to happen.

One thing that tied me to Ced Vig was that he was a fellow Kiwanian, once belonging to the Kiwanis Club of New Richmond and serving as president in 1951.

Last November, he took the time to write the club a very nice congratulatory letter for our 90th anniversary, which was very much appreciated by the members and has been put into our archives for safe keeping.

I will surely miss Ced Vig, but feel fortunate that he touched my life. He certainly left his mark on society.

Charles M. Cadenhead

New Richmond