To the Editor:

This letter is in response to President Tony Bibeau's letter where he can't figure out why the people of Hammond are concerned about the workings/managerial abilities of the Hammond Village Board.

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The first thing this board did when it was formed in May 2011 was to appoint a member to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. Bibeau being elected as a trustee and as president. He appointed and the board approved the lowest vote getter in the election with no explanations as to how this process was completed and without any discussion. The board's later explanation of this was that they asked the Village Attorney Tim Scott, and he concurred that the process of selection was OK.

The next thing to come along was a huge deficit in the sewer fund which had been accumulating for three years. The village board budget process should have disclosed this deficit after one year. There are many unanswered questions about this situation. The biggest question is how does the Board not know about this deficit if the employees are making and following a budget as required by village and state law?

All the people of the Village of Hammond want is a transparent and responsive village board; but, we don't feel that we have this. All questions and discussion with the board are filtered through Village Attorney Tim Scott who always gives his "opinion" which is not necessarily based on village ordinances or state statutes.

It has now come to light that a gross error of several million dollars in evaluations/assessment of the Guy Metals property in TID 6 has been made without any explanations as to why and how this happened. This mistake will cost each homeowner increased taxes.

Mr. Bibeau says that he is glad to have the responsibility to be the village president. If he wants to actually be responsible then he must step up and make the changes that will give the people confidence in the board's ability to run this village and manage its employees.

The residents of Hammond simply have no confidence and little trust in this current board to timely address and solve problems in Hammond.

Thank you.

John Rivard