To the Editor:

Last week, in a letter to the New Richmond News, Charles M. Cadenhead misled your readers when he wrote that "the recall process is designed to give the citizens a way to remove a politician from office who broke the law."

While some state constitutions do specify this standard, Wisconsin's does not. Section 12 of Article 13 says only that "the qualified electors of the state, of any congressional, judicial or legislative district or of any county may petition for the recall of any incumbent elective officer after the first year of the term for which the incumbent was elected...."

I would say that Mr. Cadenhead is simply misinformed, except for the fact that it is so easy to find the article.

Saying that Scott Walker can only be recalled for breaking a law is simply lying in hopes that decent people will vote against the recall or simply not vote. Since he is the first Wisconsin governor to set up a criminal defense fund, he may eventually be charged with a crime, but that is not the reason for the recall.

The recall is an attempt to remove an elected official who many people feel has betrayed the trust placed in him. If you trust Scott Walker, vote for him. If you do not, vote for Tom Barrett.

Chuck Rang

New Richmond