Have you ever discovered something very valuable? Have you ever found something even after you concluded that it was lost? Once you found that once lost item, how quick were you to tell someone about it? Excitement like that is very hard to contain, isn’t it?

Many years ago some men were panning for gold in the mountains of Montana, and one of them found an unusual stone. Breaking it open, he was excited to see that it contained gold. Working eagerly, the men soon discovered an abundance of the precious metal. As you can imagine they joyfully began shouting, “We’ve found it! We’ve found gold! We’re rich!”

They had to interrupt their celebrating, though, to go into a nearby town and stock up on supplies. Once they got the supplies they would be able to mine their gold vein continually, privately, and without interruption. So before they left camp, the men got together and, to a man, promised not to tell a single soul about their find fearing that if anyone knew of the special spot that their dreams of riches would be gone.

As promised, not one of them breathed a word about it to anyone while they were in town. They silently got their supplies and were prepared to head back to their camp and the riches that awaited them. Much to their dismay, however, when they were about to return, a crowd of men was prepared to follow them ready to strike it rich too.

When they asked the followers to point out the gold-miner who had broken their promise and “squealed,” the reply came, “No one had to. Your faces showed it!”

In the same way the Bible records that the Old Testament leader Moses’ face, after his face-to-face conversation with the Lord on Mt. Sinai, was “radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.” (Exodus 34:29.)

Similarly, our faces shine with the knowledge of what God has done for us and the love He has for us. We walk with confidence knowing that God created faith in us which means that through faith, God lives in us. We know that our past does not define us or disqualify us from heaven because of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, Who lived perfectly for us before He was punished in our place.

We have hope for this world because we know that the Creator of all exists and has overcome death so we too can overcome death and live eternally with Him. By God’s amazing grace, Jesus establishes a most intimate connection, a personal relationship with Him and each believer, and walks with us in our valleys and blesses us every day.

We have the greatest treasure the world has ever known – God’s love for us, which is far greater than gold. It is my hope and prayer that others see this most precious treasure shining in our faces and in our lives, so that they too may come to know Jesus and possess the same treasure for eternity.