What does it take to prepare our kids to be future leaders? This is a question that we need to ask before they will be ready to lead. The fact remains, it takes a community to raise leaders. We are in this together. We are engaging in an exciting and ever changing world that is unlike anything modern society has ever faced. With information at our fingertips and answers at our beck and call, we sometimes overlook how we develop the important things in our kids' lives. The things there are no YouTube videos or no quick fix answers to. The things that are built slowly and steadily through the little acts a person does, such as doing the right thing - even when it is hard.

Character traits and work ethic do not develop on their own, they are taught and instilled. We need to help them look past the instant gratification and teach them how to stick to a challenge and not give up. To prepare our kids, we need to intentionally develop the right mindset. At Pine Harbor, we are passionate about developing future leaders by helping students learn the power of having a growth mindset. There are two types of mindsets, the fixed and the growth.

The fixed mindset has the belief that we're born with a fixed amount of intelligence and ability. The growth mindset has the belief that with practice, perseverance, and effort, people have limitless potential to learn and grow.

We learn by doing hard things, struggling through tough situations or problems, and failing at things. At Pine Harbor Christian Academy we know that learning is a process and we are being intentional about developing students that have a growth mindset. We have to teach students how the brain works, functions, and changes as it grows. A student with a growth mindset faces new challenges without the fear of failure, because they know failing is one of the best learning tools created.

Teaching a growth mindset happens best in a community when parents partner with teachers and other families to walk through the challenges that are affecting this generation. Our future leaders, our students, are facing challenges that are rare to the modern history of the world. We are engaged in a global market and working in ever changing culture. We need to develop students that can be prepared for things that us as parents, teachers, and community members cannot fathom.

At Pine Harbor Christian Academy we are providing a safe place to explore and ask questions about how to develop their faith, character, and work ethic. The future is going to be an exciting place, where our students will need to explore and try new things, without the fear of failure. To instill these values it takes faith, commitment, and investing in our children's futures.

Remember, we are in this together and we are always enrolling future leaders. Visit us at www.pineharbor.community.