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Would you think it would be a good idea if Mother Nature did something outstanding and special to signal in the new year? You go to bed and wake up in the morning and there is no big fan fair to say "It's a whole new year!" I am not sure what I would want her to do but maybe something crazy like having a pink sky for us to wake up to or fancy once a year shaped clouds?

As humans we have our calendars and other methods of keeping track of things so maybe with our party planning to welcome in the new year we do create events similar to seeing pink sky and fancy clouds. Of course, a good number of people just go to bed on the evening of Dec. 31 and wake up on Jan. 1 and know they are in a new year.

I kind of, sort of, not really make a few New Year's resolutions but I do try to learn at least one thing each day of the year. I also try to recall those mistakes of the past that hold promise to make things better in the future.

One of the things that pop to mind is to double check that I have indeed returned the ice cream to the freezer. I only put in the refrigerator once but a few other times it did not get itself back into the freezer, just sat on the countertop. Maybe someday they will have an app for that.

If all those newspaper and TV people can do a year in review, I decided I could do my own quick personal review of 2017. Hopefully it will be easier than trying to get all the information ready for the April tax deadline!

My Temari Ball class that I took on my trip to Washington, D.C., has been paying off big time. I was not sure that I could tame my brain to follow directions but I did. Google "Temari balls" or "Japanese thread balls" to see what I am talking about.

The Jan. 5 root canal was the start of a long story and is still continuing to this day. It would take a few articles to review in full, so let's just leave it at that. If you have one of those things and it works out, you are blessed!

Having both my doctor and dentist retire in 2016 was a major blow. It took a few months but I did get rearranged and am happy with the results. Let it be said that I still do miss Doctor Orr and Doctor Humbert.

I finally got in touch with the real iPhone world and daughter Nissa was a wonderful teacher and I am now able to text with the best and I am told that I take outstanding pictures, especially for the Farm Market Facebook page.

Daughter Nissa did a May home visit rather than her usual August one due to travel plans and we hit the attic sort through full blast. Many square feet of items got a change of plans and are to have new homes.

Instead of adopting a dog, I adopted a retiring VW Rabbit car from the Walker Art Center. Neighbor Tony was a major assistant in getting in place at the end of our driveway at 140th and Jacob. Plans to amp it up this year are in place. Hopefully the fox will not be flower thieves this year.

July was a super major time as that meant husband Larry and I flew Delta First Class to Paris and Venice to start a 10-day Regent Seven Seas Voyageur cruise around Italy. So glad we did it and plan to do another Regent cruise in 2019. I still dream about some of those French pastries!

In September, husband Larry had a dream trip to South Africa to do a safari near the Botswana border. The Terry, Larry, Charles and Jarrett team were soon among animals with names like nyala, blesbok, gemsbok, springbok and others. They all got to hold a 2-week-old lion cub and were told that just the next week nobody was going to be able to hold it without receiving injuries!

The box was closing in on me so I took a gut art class in Washington, D.C., this year in October. Yes, real sausage casing stuff attached to wire frames! Lesson learned; I had to keep my art projects away from the animals.

Then the big life changing fall event fell on me or more correctly I fell for it by doing a fall in the corn field tracking a deer. The result was a severe hip injury that turned my life upside down. After two months things are getting better but it sure was an eye opener and game changer.

Husband Larry and daughter Nissa did a generational trip to Cuba to the part of the country where their grandparents/great-grandparents met and married. Lots of family information learned and family members met.

Goodbye, 2017! Hello, 2018!!