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Now that spring has finally arrived, thoughts turn to spring cleaning. But closets and windows aren’t the only thing that could use your attention. Clean up some of those unhealthy habits that may have crept into your weightloss program during the cold, long winter months.

Two words this spring that come to mind are simplified and organize.


Kitchen: Do you still have holiday treats and high fat comfort foods lurking in your kitchen?  Time to get them out of the cupboards and refrigerator and make room for fresh spring fruits and veggies and more whole grains.  

Don’t worry about throwing them out. It’s waste or waist ,,, in the waste can or on your waist!

Closets: Good rule of thumb is “if you didn’t wear something last year, you probably don’t like it enough to keep it.” Give them away. Keep only clothes that fit you well.  

If smaller sized items inspire you to lose weight, then keep them. If however, you feel defeated when you see them, store them out of sight.   

Work hard and you’ll be in them again in no time! Don’t keep clothes that are too big hanging around in your closet or dresser. It could hinder your weightloss efforts by having clothes around that you know fit if you start to gain back weight.


Start making meal plans you can rotate. Print them out so you can quickly short cut them in an online meal planner. Or, if you’re a paper person, use them and recycle later.

Think of your weekend not as the time to go off program but as your opportunity to get prepped for the week. Make out dinner ideas and get to the grocery store. Cook so you have meals for the week. Cut up, freeze, slice and dice, and the coming week will be much easier to follow through.

Spring cleaning of the yard and home are a great way to get in some activity and get your head uncluttered at the same time. Make it fun with upbeat music. And don’t put it off -- summer will be here before you know it.  

If you’ve been holding back on the 8/8 rule (8 glasses of at least 8 ounces of water), time to start drinking. Water that is!! Putting tick marks in your tracker is a good way to remember how much you’ve drunk and still have to drink. Try adding mint, citrus slices or even cucumbers to your water.

Try something new: New light recipes are a great way to get your weight loss program rejuvenated and your mind refocused on your goals. New diet organizers and trackers feel like a fresh start and a new beginning.  

There you have it – some simple tips and strategies to help take control of you and your spring cleaning -- with summer around the corner.

Just like your house, you don’t need to overhaul everything to see a brighter picture in your health.