The lunch hour is social hour at Wellhaven Senior Living. Many tenants and seniors in the community enjoy a cup of coffee before lunch is served just to socialize.

Preparing and eating for one can be intimidating. Meals are included for Wellhaven tenants allowing them to not stress at meal time. Many tenants will save half their lunch meal to enjoy for dinner. When asked tenants shared not having to do the dishes is an additional bonus.

All seniors in the community are welcome to join tenants for meals. Tenants enjoy socializing with community members when they join them for a meal.

"It is fun to see the interaction with seniors and team members during meal time," said Beth Ann

Schultz, manager at Wellhaven. "The smiles and laughter shared keeps them coming back each day. We have seen many relationships started and strengthened with something as simple as sharing a meal."

Socializing is almost as important as eating. In fact, a loss of socialization can cause depression and a loss of appetite. Community seniors can enjoy a 3-course meal for only $5. Contact Faye, the Senior Center director, for more details or to RSVP for lunch. Visit the Senior Center or call 715-425-9932.

The Men's BBQ on June 15 to celebrate Father's was a success. Thank you for joining us!

Wellhaven Senior Living is a vibrant community with spirited tenants. To schedule a tour, call 715-426-4646.