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Some miracles have recently happened at the Westerberg Ranchette. I make this statement because to some people this would be an ordinary event or two, but at times I "clean" to a different drummer.

We were shopping and I had the big cart that holds the lumber and was told to work my way to that department while Husband Larry finished up the electrical outlet parts shopping. Of course, one can't just shoot right over there and stand around and wait so I did a Rube Goldberg-style trip and came across the dusting and cleaning supplies.

An adjustable duster with a telescoping arm talked to me as I passed by. I was a little worried because dusting is so far down on my list of things to do that I have been very successful in avoiding that whole process. I let the duster hop on to my big cart. but it kept rolling off so I decided it needed the pail that was on special for 99 cents to hold it.

Its first home duty was to try to get the collection off the fan blades in the living room. HOLY COW! It really worked! (I could have made use of the pail to collect the dust rabbits - they were bigger than bunnies.)

The next thing you know I am dashing around with the new tool and reaching to places that had not had humans touch them "for a while." Not sure how often this will be repeated, but I do have the magic wand if the hormones kick in again.

The other miracle was the weeklong event of moving and going through every ounce of wool roving and related items that are taking up half of my living room in anticipation of moving out to my new studio. I did a major no-no someplace along the line and left two small bags of raw wool in with the collection. Raw wool equals bugs and that is a disaster for anything wool.

It really turned out to be like shopping for days (without money) and making tons of discoveries. It could be said that I may have several lifetimes of wool roving or I could construct an almost life-size elephant with it.

A wonder vegetable

The summer menu has been heavy into the BLTs, fresh corn and cucumbers. I told you some interesting facts about cucumbers last week but I have since found out some uses for them that I never dreamed of before. It's an amazing list of things for health, cleaning and gardening.

• You can make the slugs move away from your garden plants by putting cucumber slices in an aluminum pan and putting it under the plants. A chemical in the cuke will react with the pan and the smell will drive the slugs away. (I am not sure how long it lasts).

• The mixture of all the good things in a cucumber and watermelon can make a beverage that is said to be a wonderful hangover cure. Just in case you get over served at one of those summer events, etc. Google the recipe.

• And just in case constipation is on your list of problems, eating cucumbers is a big help.

• In some countries, the main use of cucumbers is to eat them as a natural medicine to eliminate parasites.

• Cucumbers contain silica that aids in improving the collagen in your body. This is the reason that it is said to help strengthen your hair.

• Marks on your walls? Got a cucumber? Rub the area with a cucumber skin and they say it will take away the marks.

• Is your metal tea pot a bit on the dull side and needs a shine up? Rub the insides of the cucumber on it, let sit for a few minutes and then rub the area with the cucumber skin. Remember this if you have run out of ketchup for this task as that is also a wonderful metal polish.

• You can prevent mirror fogging in your bathroom by rubbing the mirror with the inside of a cucumber before you start the waterworks. (It did not say if you had to wash it off or do something after the shower).

• Squeaky door because of the hinges? Rub some cucumber on it and that should quiet them down. (Husband Larry says that's why they make oil.)

• Its big party time and you have some sad looking shoes? Rub with a cucumber and it should shine up those shoes and also make them somewhat water repellent!

The list goes on but I have to stop here since my 900 words of wisdom have been taken up. The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with a cucumber.