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Summer's over, fall is in the air and the kids are back in school. Have you been school shopping these past few weeks or do you remember back-to-school shopping in the past? There's the excitement of everything new: books, clothes, crayons and even new friends. Getting new things is always fun and exciting.

Back-to-school fever is not just for kids - September signals a return to routine for people of all ages. Our minds begin to prepare for the new season in many ways, including boosting any weight loss efforts that may have gotten delayed during the summer.

If you've gotten off track and need to get back to eating healthier, let the rhythm of a new school year help you get back to the basics of weight loss.

Back to school begins with a list of needed supplies. The following are some ideas of school supplies you can use to help you get back to the basics of your weight loss journey.

A backpack organizes a student's supplies so what supplies will you need to help you feel organized? Get some folders to keep all your materials handy, organized and in one place.

Paper, notebooks and pens are necessary to track everything you eat. The old saying goes, "If you bite it, write it." They're also necessary for making grocery lists and planning meals.

If you don't like writing down what you eat, you can keep track on your computer or cellphone. Many weight loss websites now offer interactive free ways of tracking. You can also look up success stories, new weight loss programs, tips and new recipes.

A pencil with an eraser comes in hand so you can erase and rewrite, in case you make a mistake or just in case something's not working for you.

Would new workout clothes and tennis shoes get you excited and back in the routine of exercising? Try a smaller size to get you motivated.

A scissors is needed to cut out all the bad habits you've acquired during the summer and replace them with healthy ones.

A ruler can be a reminder to start measuring your food portions. Bring out the measuring cups and food scale to make sure your portions are what they should be.

School is all about books, classes and getting educated. Read some books, maybe buy a new cookbook or think about taking a class. Anything to get you motivated and get you back on the right track to healthy eating.

New supplies and getting back to the basics can really benefit you and your weight loss efforts. Give yourself permission to wipe the slate clean for a fresh start. Back to school, back to the basics is a time of renewal and reflection. The combination of regular routines and the beautiful fall weather is an inspiration to eat better and be more active outdoors. New opportunities, new supplies and new experiences can equip you with a renewed resolve to reach the weight loss goals of your dreams.