The artist's greatest fear is that one day he will awake uninspired, never to create another decent poem, song or painting in his life again; his creative well has run dry and at the bottom lays the arid, useless soil of the soul. Tumbleweeds blow about an airless mind. He is one more dancer in the worldly graveyard waltz, just another body belonging to the billions of living dead that roam the planet daily.

It is when the artist rediscovers the steady thrill of invention in his pulse, feels that creative

catharsis burning in his veins that he becomes perfectly consoled and triumphantly relieved.

It is with some triumph that I introduce this week's featured, local talent.

*** Artist's spotlight ***

Today's featured artist is the extraordinarily talented singer / songwriter, guitarist, piano / keyboardist and high energy frontwoman, Sharisse Germain. She is a musician for at least three bands: The Hitkickers Duo, The Elliot Avenue Band, and Run Like Hell: America's Premier Pink Floyd Show.

I had the pleasure of viewing a solo performance by Sharisse at Pitch Blue Studios in Osceola this past fall. She sang six original tunes, playing either guitar or piano to accompany her powerful vocals. Everyone in the room was blown away, riddled with goosebumps, with a number of audience members literally on the edge of their seat (yours truly included). Suffice it

to say, Sharisse Germain is a ferocious powerhouse of rock, pop and soul.

I am grateful for my enlightening chat with Sharisse and her boyfriend, Kris, over food and beer at Champs this past Thursday. Among all of the profound thoughts which she graciously shared

with me, there was one thing which struck me the most: "Music is everywhere," she said.

Isn't it so? It seems as if music is an inherent product of nature, eternally available to any attentive ear. There is music in the streets, in the chirping crickets of the field, the wind rustling

through the trees, the ebb and flow of voices and footfalls and in the endless cars Doppler-shifting on down the road. Even our conversation itself was musical, ranging up and down in dynamics, yet always returning to a comfortable tonic (the subject of music). Sharisse seems to understand better than anyone that all of life is musical.

"Is there any advice," I asked, near the end of our talk, "that you would give to aspiring musicians who want to perform for the public?"

"There is so much advice I would like to give," she said.

"Among the most important?" I prompted.

She gazed down at the gleaming countertop, transfixed in thought for a few moments. I sipped at my beer and waited. Then she gazed back up and provided a flawless answer:

"Be fearless," she said.

Care to attend one of Sharisse Germain's fearless performances? Just visit her website

( and see for yourself when and where she will be playing next!

Signing off this week's column, I will provide not one, but two creative quotes for the week:

"The earth has music for those whom listen." - Reginald Vincent Holmes.

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous."; - Bill Moyers.

Thank you for reading, and stay creative!