Every Thursday, the women of Wellhaven Senior Living have the opportunity to visit the hair salon without leaving the building. Beautician Jeanne Hawkins has been bringing her skills to Wellhaven for several years.

"The ladies are having a ball in the beauty shop today! They drink coffee and enjoy each other's company. There's always lots of laughter coming from that room," aidd Beth Ann Schultz, manager of Wellhaven.

The Forget Me Knott Beauty Shop where Hawkins does her work is named after longtime Wellhaven tenant, Bess Knott.

"It's wonderful to be able to bring a salon into Wellhaven. We have the perfect space for everyone to enjoy themselves while getting their hair done," said Hawkins.

If interested in learning more about the Beauty Shop or Wellhaven, call 715-426-4646 or email info@tlha.org to set up a tour.

Wellhaven Senior Living will host a performance of The Music Madams at 10:30 a.m. Oct. 16. The River Falls community is welcome to attend. Wellhaven is located at 119 Union St. in River Falls.