By Joe Atkins, Dakota County Commissioner, District 4

Does the state have your money?

Minnesota is holding over $700 million in unclaimed funds that belongs to Minnesotans, including $1,003,958.64 that belongs to residents and businesses that I represent in Rosemount.

Each year, the Minnesota Department of Commerce receives millions of dollars in unclaimed property from businesses and organizations that have lost contact with the owners. The department is responsible for safeguarding the funds or property until it is claimed by the rightful owners or heirs. Property is considered unclaimed if it is being held by a business or organization that has not had contact with the owner for a number of years.

Common types of unclaimed property can include: dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, unclaimed wages, safe deposit box contents, insurance claim payments or benefits, and stocks or bonds.

Many people, especially those who have move recently - like young families, students, senior citizens moving to assisted living, and active military members - have unclaimed funds being held by the state.

The Department of Commerce used to run full-page ads in the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune listing the names of Minnesotans with unclaimed funds. However, even though the list is public information and is publicly available, this effort stopped when the list became too large and the department's budget became too small.

Thus, with cooperation from the Department of Commerce, I get the list every couple years and comb through it looking for local constituents with unclaimed funds. A big thank you is also owed to this newspaper for publishing the list of local owners. Unlike other newspapers that charge the Department of Commerce to publish this list, this newspaper is doing it for free as a service to its readers.

If you or someone you know is listed below, the Unclaimed Property List shows you have at least $200 being held by the state, with the largest unclaimed amount being $76,656. Please excuse any misspellings; names are listed exactly as they appear on the Unclaimed Property List:

David Adascheck, Shahab Ahmed, Kathryn Aldrich, Mahmoud Alsharif, Always Safe Security LLC, Lori Anderson, Wade Anderson, Jim Armas, Rolland Arndt, Mary Ashbeck, David Awe, Jordan Bailey, Steven Bailey, Jeremy Barringer, Michael Baumann, Ray Beise, Robert Beise, Florence Berg, Brian Berg, L Billmeyer, Alaire Biren, Patricia Blair, Bob Fischer Trucking Inc, Marion Boller, David Bornhofen, Paula Bourne, Jana Bourne, Thomas Broback, Samuel Broback, Barbara Brown, Michael Budzinski, Charles Bulva, David Buss, Doris Carlson, June Cherrier, Colleen Christensen, Randy Chuchna, Lisa Cline, Rachel Coddington, Commercial Steam Team, Larry Cook, Katherine Corrigan, Matthew Cummings, Michael Curry, Kathryn Czech, Thomas Dahlback, John Daly, David Dart, Jason Day, Anthony Delaney, Daniel Denunzio, Kara Denunzio, H Deuermeyer, Kelli Deyoung, DMD Enterprises LLC, Robert Duffy, Curtis Eatinger, Marsha Edgell, C Eisele, Paul Engelson, Estate Of Ella A Quirk, Kenneth Evans, Michael Faber, Fireside Pizza, Mary Fleming, Scott Francois, Kevin Fruehling, Amy Fry, Thomas Funari, Swaminathan Ganesh, Diane Garretson, Thomas Gavin, Bruce Gehring, Carol Gerger, Nancy Gilbertson, Darren Gillis, Gofish Ryem Inc, Luis Gomez, Jacob Gonsior, Amy Green, Jami Gyurci, Andrew Hahs, Nicholas Hall, Kristin Hanowski, Andrew Hanson, Kristin Harvey, Randy Hedegaard, Robert Henderson, Rafael Hernandez, Mark Hill, Agatha Hill, Cue Hodges, William Hoffman, Rebeka Holmberg, Kimberly Hudrlik, Fredrick Huston, Interstate Roofing Inc, Yana Inzhirov, Michale Ivers, Vickie Jahr, Esther Jerin, Gertrude Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Jerald Johnson, Alan Johnson, Sharon Jones, Richard Jones, Alex Kadavil, Genevieve Kappel, James Karlin, Warren Kastning, Allen Kaye, Mildred Kent, Christopher Kent, Pe Khamkouna, Lynn Kitzrow, O. Klegin, Leonard Knudtson, Rubbish Knutson, Donna Kraft, Nicholas Kressman, Billy Krick, Donald Layton, Roy Lee, Rick Lemke, Kristine Lennartson, Cameron Lewin, Carvel Lieberg, Kris Lind, Katy Lindstrom, Francis Lipinski, Tom Loranger, Rae Mac, Beverly Mahlke, Carolyn Maiers, John Major, Michael Margie, Gary Marmon, Jeffery Martin, Francisco Martinez, Christopher Massey, Elizabeth Matty, Thomas McDonald, Calvin McNamara, Ann Meredith Minnerink, Mission Creek Company LLC, Mittelstaedt Brothers Construction, Padmouti Mohabir, Katy Montgomery, Cheryl Moore, Andrew Morgan, Nancy Morris, Katharine Muff, Mary Murphyhoerl, Heather Myrlie, Roger Nash, Scott Nelson, Naomi Nelson, Faye Nelson, H Neuhausbjorn, Paul Nieland, Lisa Nieland, Greg Nordling, Mark Norland, Mary Novak, Edward Novak, Nyareath Nyoach, Edward Ohlin, Andrew Olson, Christopher Olson, Carole Orlovski, David Pankratz, Pats Shenanigans, Tayler Patterson, Bridget Pederson, Garcia Perez, Alan Peters, Amanda Peterson, Jeryl Peterson, Mary Petrucce, Ben Piazza, Margaret Pickett, Raymond Pinson, Brent Pitsenburger, Kimberly Planes, Polfus Implement Inc, Preventive Care Inc, Alliance Quantum, Sunil Ramlall, Reese Enterprises, Ann Rixmann, Heidi Roelfs, Esther Roller, Patrick Rourke, Roz's Auto, Michael Ryan, Jan Satori, Millicent Sawyer, Susan Sayers, Reba Schaf, Laura Scheuermann, Anthony Schiavonesr, Adriana Schneider, James Schuelke, Jeaneane Scott, Caitlin Scott, Diane Setten, Stephen Showalter, Linda Simes, Shelly Singewald, Shantel Skavlem, Judy Smith-Thill, Nicole Snyder, Garry Spangler, Harmon Stanch, Samantha Steider, Clifford Stoltz, Shannon Svoboda, Kristi Swenson, Daniel Tam, Roselyn Tarte, Dorothy Thorberg, Brittany Tiegen, Janet Tilson, Mac Trang, Shirley Traynor, Andrew Tufte, John Tut, Ryan Tykwinski, Computer United, Petra Veliz, Michelle Vikki, Harold Volkert, William Vose, Lynn Waldron, Joyce Wallin, John Walters, Luke Waltz, Gregg Werely, Charles West, Janelle Whitlock, Kelly Wien, Michael Wilson, James Wise, John Wymer, Peggy Yost, Jerry Zink and Barbara Zorn.

To get more information, pursue a claim for your funds, or see if the Department of Commerce is holding an amount less than $200 for you, check out the Minnesota Department of Commerce website at

As always, please feel free to contact me at 651-438-4430 or with any questions or concerns.