There are many times during our lives that we experience anger, frustration and anxiety, either in ourselves or witness in someone else. Examples like co-workers being too loud or too nosy. Family members leaving chores unfinished or items where they shouldn't be. How about when we're grocery shopping, driving, listening to the radio, or even getting the mail? Our emotions can bounce around like a microwave bag of popcorn until all of a sudden, BOOM. it's too late and you just lost your cool.

I really don't like mentioning it, but especially "this time of year." Why is that? When you factor more people into your regular routine the stress levels become higher. This time of year there are company holiday parties, family get-togethers and special occasions. All these events call for a dish or dessert to pass, a gift to buy and always the stress of what to wear!

One must then visit the grocery store, where everyone and their brother seems to be hunting down the same aisles as you. If you don't come across too many people while shopping, wait until you get to the checkout line. I am getting stressed just writing this.

Getting to and from the stores, how are the roads? Slippery, they're always slippery. This is Wisconsin in December. Driving anywhere can be stressful this time of year.

The darkness falling so soon depresses me. At 4:30 p.m. my bright world is already going darke, which means headlights on the vehicle, lights on the back porch, parking under the streetlamp.

Have you met up with a road rager who thinks that tailgating is going to make you go faster? Comically the road rager gives you the #1 finger as he passes. All I can think to myself is "Happy holidays to you too." Once you finally get home from your holiday shopping experience, you are way too tired to cook, bake or wrap any gifts. This time of year, pizza places do really good business; nobody wants to cook.

This time of year, costs are higher, more fuel is required for your SUV, shopping for just the right token of appreciation, snacks for co-workers, secret Santa gifts, don't forget the mail carrier, Schwann's delivery person, your beautician, masseuse, auto mechanic, veterinarian. OMG you suddenly remember to get to the liquor store! No doubt, this time of year can be stressful, causing anger, frustration and anxiety.

Try to remember, those are natural emotions we all experience. Crowds of people and multiple events to attend will naturally build tension. You can overcome these temporary days by remembering deeply, slow in and out breaths. If you can learn to cope with the holiday month, your chances of getting sick are lower and your chances of actually enjoying yourself are higher.

I am pretty sure God did not want all His children to be stressed out during His birthday, so find ways to keep calm and count your blessings. Happy Holidays, everyone!