The annual State of the Union address often serves as a roadmap from the President to Congress, giving policymakers an idea of what priorities will be hashed out in the coming year. In reality, the State of the Union should be a reflection, providing every American the opportunity to get a clear sense of how we're working to fix the issues that need to be fixed, and move forward together as a nation.

The communities that make up Wisconsin's Third Congressional District have unique priorities, and I'm fighting to ensure these priorities are heard as the 116th Congress takes off.

My priorities are your priorities: I'm working to lower healthcare costs for Wisconsin families. I'm fighting to protect our family farms, so Wisconsin can keep the title of "America's Dairyland." I want to fix our broken infrastructure and rebuild Wisconsin's roads. And, I want to reinvest in our next generation, and make it easier for our students and young people to earn a better life. Most importantly - I want to do this all in a fiscally responsible way, so we don't leave our kids and grandkids saddled with debt.

I believe that the best ideas come from Wisconsin, which is why I hold listening sessions in all 18 counties throughout Wisconsin's Third Congressional District every year. I use these listening sessions to hear about what issues you're passionate about, and to get more information about any government red tape that is holding you or your family back. Additionally, talented caseworkers in my office are available your-round and hold open office hours across western and central Wisconsin twice a year. They're great advocates for you, and are excited to fight on your behalf.

If you have ideas about how Washington can work better for Wisconsinites, I want to hear from you. I invite you to attend a future listening session in a community near you, or contact my office. More information about the services my office offers can be found by visiting Kind.House.Gov, or by calling toll-free: 1-888-442-8040.