March Madness is probably my favorite time of the year. It starts with the MSHSL state tournaments. I think it is great that so many of the high school games can be seen on television.

Fans that normally do not get a chance to attend these games in person can see what talent we have in this state. Minnesota is the state of hockey, and the girls' and boys' state tournaments prove just how excited the people here can get about the sport.

I am amazed that the boys sell out for hockey every year. It was great to see a school from the Suburban East Conference in the tournament this year.

The Xcel Energy Center continues to be the place to be with the wrestling tournament. Every year I make an effort to attend this event, and I am astounded by how exciting it is with all of the mats they have going.

It was great seeing Park's wrestlers competing this year. Even back in high school, I enjoyed going to the basketball state tournaments or watching them on TV.

I love seeing the amount of fans who fill up these arenas (especially from the small towns) and show their school spirit. I usually try to attend a few of these games in person with my sons each year.

Of course, probably the biggest reason for the madness at this time of year comes from the NCAA basketball tournament. Every day, people want to know who you picked and if your teams won the night before.

I have entered a couple of different pools (none involving money, of course), but I make a point to pick the same teams in every pool. It is always hard for me to pick my favorite teams to lose, and this year I thought about picking the Wisconsin Badgers or Marquette Golden Eagles (lost in the first round!) to make a trip to the Final Four.

Instead I have Duke, Michigan, Tennessee, and North Carolina going to the Final Four, with the Blue Devils winning it all. It will be fun having the Final Four and all of the events associated with it in the Twin Cities this year. Regardless of your favorite sport or team, March Madness can be a fun time for everyone.