There are two people that I must recognize before the school year ends, and both of them have days set aside for them recently. Administrative Professionals Day was last month.

I am blessed to work with Bev as the Activities Secretary at Park. I could not do my job if it were not for the hard work that she does. Mrs. Piermantier is much more than a secretary or even "administrative assistant."

She is really my assistant A.D. and helps me do many aspects of my job. Bev manages student registration, our online schedule, officials, transportation, and finances. Much of her day is spent coordinating officials and making sure that they get paid.

If anyone has logged on to our website (, the schedule and information that you see there is all thanks to Bev. She makes sure each of our teams has a bus for their away games.

I would be lost without her, especially in the spring with so many cancellations and rescheduled games. I also work closely with Shelly and Lynn in the main office, as well as all of the other excellent clerical staff that we have at Park. Each of these people makes my job easier and makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

This weekend is Mother's Day, and there is definitely no way I could do this job if it wasn't for my very understanding and patient wife. She is the best mom in the whole world, and I often think my kids would feel like orphans if she wasn't around.

I spend many nights and weekends at Wolfpack events or meetings, and the only way that my family remains intact is because of Janeen.

Any time that I am at Park events, she takes on the role of a single parent and does everything for our son at home (feeds him, cleans, makes sure homework is done, makes lunches - I guarantee a number of these things would not get done if they were left up to me!)

She is the perfect AD's wife and a great mom. Recognition also needs to go out to my mom (I am the youngest of eight kids - need I say more?) and all of the mothers of our Wolfpack student-athletes for all that they do so their kids can participate in sports.

Thank you to all of the administrative professionals and moms out there for the great work that you do. While we really should set aside more than one day to recognize these people, I hope they know how much they are appreciated.