Kiwanis=Kids and May=Moms. Actually, Kiwanis cherishes moms regardless of the month, because moms bring children into this world and are vital to nurturing our children. Kiwanis promotes neo-natal care, infant care, and care of children to adulthood. If children need support into adulthood, Kiwanis will stand with them no matter what. Kiwanis cares for kids along with their moms.

This past year has been especially difficult for several members of the Kiwanis-New Richmond Club. Marie Gremore, Debbie Suennen Rickard and I all lost our moms and there is a huge emptiness with their departure. Those who have lost their moms can understand, but those who haven't may find it difficult to know what a weird feeling it is to not have Mom here for all the things she provided through the years. Our moms were wonderful women and we miss them dearly. It has renewed our commitment to supporting the mothers of this world, so they can, in turn, take even better care of our children.

We had hundreds of people at the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter. It was wonderful to see all the smiling faces and genuine joy of young and old alike. Lindsey Springer, our Kiwanis-New Richmond President, outdid herself creating an outstanding event for all. Lindsey's mom shared how proud she was of Lindsey's leadership with Kiwanis and we couldn't agree more. We like making moms proud!

We are sure there were extra smiles for Rachel Skinner's mom after the FFA Banquet and Awards Ceremony, too. Rachel was the 2019 Kiwanis Outstanding Senior FFA Member. Kiwanis-New Richmond likes to promote outstanding youth leadership and we were proud to award Rachel with an engraved gold watch along with a Kiwanis certificate. Congratulations Rachel Skinner and family!

Kiwanis-New Richmond was also honored to host the 2018-19 Kiwanis Senior Honor Banquet for the top 10% academic achievers from the New Richmond High School Senior Class. We honored Cameron Berhow, Cole Brathol, Grace Burns, Cal Crowder, Amelia Feuerer, Anna Hop, Parker Kirkpatrick, Matthew Kukacka, Katelyn Marano, Jacob Medchill, Makayla Mitchell, Abigale Modesette, Drew Momchilovich, Emily Montreal, Sara Nagel, Mykenzie Patten, Talon Seckora, Rachel Skinner, Kerrigan Storie, Aria Tarras, Maggie Veenendall and Elizabeth Wacker. There were lots of smiling moms at this banquet and awards ceremony. Congratulations to our top academic students from this senior class.

At the Kiwanis International level, the country of Chad recently became the 26th country to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus since Kiwanis started The Eliminate Project in 2010. We are proud to save mothers and children from sickness and death related to tetanus. Kiwanis International has also responded to hundreds of deaths due to a measles outbreak in the country of Madagascar. Anything we can do to help children, we respond. Mothers need all the help we can give them sometimes.

Now that you know May=Moms, if you are interested in joining Kiwanis, we have lots of moms along with dads and great, caring adults. Contact us. Our Kiwanis Convention for 2019 is held at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Moms deserve conferences in places like Disney World, too. Kids Need Kiwanis, Kiwanis Needs You.