Being the head coach of a high school team has turned into a year-round position. Many coaches spend their summer months running camps and clinics for younger children.

Our basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, baseball and football coaches all have summer camps for kids. Some of the clinics are for kids as young as four and five years old.

These clinics are a great way to introduce kids to the sport as well as work on fundamentals necessary to being a successful high school athlete. Our current Wolfpack athletes typically serve as the camp counselors at these clinics.

I know the younger athletes often look up to these high school students and really enjoy working with them in the summer. We will also offer strength and conditioning workouts for middle and high school aged athletes this summer.

I believe this summer training program is the most important activity an athlete could do in the summer and will help them become more athletic and thus help them in every sport that they play. There is still time to sign up for these clinics; many of the camp fees can be prorated if you are only able to attend certain weeks.

The majority of these clinics are run through Community Education or CGAA. The MSHSL also allows coaches to work with their high school athletes in June and July.

Many of our coaches take advantage of this opportunity. Our high school teams have practices run by our coaching staff, play in some scrimmages, and even attend team camps where they can play in tournaments against a variety of opponents.

The biggest challenge is balancing time to work with students and leaving time for the athletes just to be kids in the summer. Coaches also have to make sure they have time for themselves and their families in the summer.

Many of them feel the pressure that other teams are working all summer, so they have to as well. The MSHSL has helped this problem in a small way by having a week-long no contact period during the week of the 4th of July.

This "black out" period goes from June 29th through July 5th , and gives both the students and coaches a much needed week off. We hope most of our athletes participate in more than one sport here at Park, which makes it even more difficult to schedule time to work with the athletes in the summer.

The coaches of the boys and girls sports work to coordinate their schedules so kids do not have to choose between sports. Both our coaches and athletes give up a lot of their time in the summer to help make the future of Wolfpack athletics bright.