Hannah Son is an international student from Vietnam. She recently graduated from Hope Christian Academy in St. Paul Park.

How quickly the time has passed. God has done so much in my life. There are three big events that happened to me the past two years. I would like to share with you how a worldly girl became a Christian.

The biggest event was coming to America in August 2017. It was my first time on an airplane. It was my first time going abroad. It was my first time being by myself. And yes I said "by myself" because I thought it was only me, but no, I didn't know it, but God was with me. I know that he was with me because it was impossible for me to understand English and it was impossible for me to transfer three airplanes without help. It was funny. When I was in the Seattle airport, I sent my luggage and needed to pay a $25 transfer fee. I gave the cashiers $30 cash and she asked if I had a credit card because she didn't have any change for me. I wasn't able to understand her until she showed me the credit card and I was like, "Oh, no no" (waving my hand). But I finally got to the U.S. safely.

I really did not speak or listen in English so it was a big problem for me studying in an English-speaking country. My first month over here, I was at school and my teacher asked me "How are you doing?" I did not understand him. You can imagine how bad my English was. But, as I said, God was with me. He opened opportunities for me to learn and understand English. I did pretty bad in my U.S. history class, but overall my other scores were just fine.

It was strange the way I ended up going to Hope Christian Academy. My first semester was at an English learning school. I called a lot of high schools to transfer to, including HCA. But they all said that I was not able to attend in the middle of the school year. That's why I transferred to an international high school. And then things got stranger. My school shut down and I got only half of the credits to graduate so I ended up looking for a new high school in order to graduate. That time was just terrifying. Again, God was with me, his plan was to send me to Hope. I attended for one year and it was such a blessing for me to be here. I still remember when the first quarter almost ended, Mr. Krussow asked me, "What do you think about God now?" I answered, "I don't really understand, it is still something I'm not yet clear about."

I don't think all those things happened to me just by coincidence. God was with me and he had a plan for me. He sent me here to study about him. He led me to the best family and school. I cannot express how much support my grandpa, grandma, my aunties, uncles and all my lovely cousins have given to me. Hope is a blessing that God set me to. I found the most encouraging and loving Hope family that I have ever been a part of. I learned how to play a guitar. Thanks Mr. Pankow for that. Mr. McClain called me a goofy girl. Just so you know, I am. Mrs.Truax, you are really caring. And the students, you're all amazing. God bless you.