On behalf of all the students, staff and families in School District 622, I send a huge thank you to our taxpayers for approving our funding request to provide safe, up-to-date and healthy learning environments for all our students to ensure they are ready for tomorrow. By a margin of 61% yes to 39% no, our community showed that they value strong schools - and recognize that strong schools build strong communities.

My heart is full as I drive through our school district and think about the positive changes to come. Over the next few years, all schools will receive secure entrances, and all schools will be updated with modern furniture and more flexible learning environments. Air quality and other improvements will be made where needed to ensure our classrooms offer a healthy space for students to learn. We will consolidate and renovate our schools for more equitable and efficient schools districtwide. Every student will benefit from these updates, which will have a long-term impact on our district for years to come.

Many people were involved in developing the plan that came before voters on May 14. I owe tremendous thanks to all the staff, architects, engineers, planners, parents and students who provided guidance, input and perspective. We changed our plans along the way, thanks to that input - and I believe the final plan is one that will serve us well for many years.

Our community stepped up to the challenge and supported our request for the first bond referendum since 1994. We were fortunate to be paying off old debt from the last facilities bond referendum in 1994, making the tax impact a relatively small $5 per month for the average homeowner to fund $275 million in building improvements.

These schools belong to our community. We are in partnership for maintaining the buildings and for supporting what takes place in our schools every day. Please visit your schools anytime.

Thank you for your vote of confidence. I am so proud to be superintendent of such a wonderful and forward-thinking school district.