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Q: The other day, I witnessed 20-25 bikers all rolled through an intersection without stopping. They even went so far as to have two of their group get off their bikes to "stop" those of us at the other signs from passing through. I have also witnessed two or three bikes pass through stops as one, is this legal and do they in fact have the right of way to do this?

A: Thank you for your question. Though the riding season is beginning to wrap up for many motorcycle riders, there may still be a couple months left if the weather cooperates.

Minnesota Statute 169.06, Subdivision 4 states that a person may stop and hold vehicles in place until it is safe for the vehicles to proceed, if the person holds a motorcycle road guard certificate issued under section 171.60. This statute allows certified motorcycle road guards to hold traffic until all motorcycles have safely cleared the intersection.

The motorcycle road guard also must have notified each statutory or home rule charter city through which the motorcycle group is proceeding; and have obtained consent from the chief of police, or the chief's designee, of any city of the first class (population over 100,000) through which the group is proceeding.

Motorcycle road guards will have in their possession a certificate issued by the commissioner of Public Safety, certifying that they have completed the required training course and meet the requirements to perform duties as a motorcycle road guard. They also must be wearing the appropriate safety equipment while performing road guard duties, such as a reflective safety vest at a minimum.

Regarding two or three motorcycles proceeding through the stop sign, Minnesota Statute 169.06 states that each vehicle must obey the sign/signal provided. Therefore, each vehicle must stop at the stop line (or when no stop line is present, adjacent to the sign) prior to proceeding through the intersection when clear.


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