Butter. Lettuce. Salad. Flow. These are all street-savvy synonyms for long hair used on a weekly basis during River Falls Wildcat football YouTube broadcasts this season.

When Wildcat senior quarterback Peter Noreen runs off the field, removes his helmet and whips back his majestic mane, play-by-play announcer Kevin Westhuis pulls the term "salad shooter" out of his flow-cabulary holster.

"I grew out some lettuce for my sophomore season," Noreen said.

There may be tremendous flow-tential to go with the flow for the Wildcats.

"There are a few guys getting mullets, those are coming back," said Noreen, "I did try cutting it once and it just wasn't the same."

One thing that's definitely not the same is the run-pass ratio on offense from a year ago. Last year's Wildcat team threw it all over the field, but with 2018 quarterback Logan Graetz headed to play for the Bison at North Dakota State, RFHS offensive coordinator Ryan Scherz scheduled a meeting with Noreen over the summer.

"It was a case of step up or step aside. I chose to step up," Noreen said.

He hadn't played quarterback since the eighth grade, but with Minnesota-Duluth commit Seth Kohel at running back, the quarterback job looked to be more of a game manager position. The plan was to throw safe short passes and hand the ball off to No. 25.

Things in life, however, rarely go as planned. Kohel tore a ligament in his knee against Menomonie

"We can't replace Seth, but everybody has to step up," Noreen said. "And they are."

The very next week, Noreen threw for three touchdowns and close to 150 yards in the air against Rice Lake.

"We have a ton of weapons on our team," Noreen said. "I have to get them the ball."

Before Noreen and his flow-bros tangle with Chippewa Falls in Friday night's homecoming tilt, his River Falls Sunshine Fund club has to make a grant presentation to the Power of 100 Women on Thursday night.

The River Falls Sunshine Fund is a student-run nonprofit that gives back to district families facing hardships. Noreen is a senior board member, but he says the real quarterbacks for the Sunshine Fund are classmates Riley Jahnke and Amelia Hadzima.

"They are amazing," Noreen said. "We have a ton of sophomores that joined and Riley and Amelia do an awesome job of running the meetings.

"I love knowing we can help people out that need it. They don't even know my first name but when I give them a gift card or a gas card, they give me a big hug."

The River Falls Sunshine Fund started in the spring of 2016 and last year was awarded the River Falls Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Organization of the Year.

"They are a great group of hard working student leaders with a passion for their community and for helping others," adult board member Dana Cudd said. "They are natural leaders and are making a significant time commitment."

"They are pretty much there to mentor us and tell us how to act more like adults," joked Peter about the adult board members.

Speaking of acting more like adults, Noreen and Wildcat teammate Michael Kealy both turn 18 soon.

"We both have a pact to shorten our first names up on January first," said Noreen, "I'm going to go by Pete and he's going to go by Mike."

Whoa, wait a minute. Let's tap the brakes, Peter. There's no rush to grow up. Longer first names and longer flow are the pillars of your youth. You can knock the "e-r" off if you want, you did make a pact with the Mauler (Michael Kealy), but let's not begin the flow-trocious talk of pruning your flowage. Let's flow-crastinate adulthood haircuts for just a little bit longer.