Fall was here and gone in the blink of an eye and now winter is upon us. And with any winter season there is sure to be cold weather and snow.

Hudson Public Works Department would like to take a moment to remind all residents of the winter policies that may affect you throughout the season.

When the city receives a snowfall of 2 inches or greater, a snow event will be issued via social media, the city of Hudson’s website, and through the city’s notification system. If you currently do not receive an email or text notification and would like to, residents are encouraged to sign up on the city’s website by clicking the NOTIFY ME button found on the main page.

Once the snow event is declared, parking on all city streets, alleys, or any public roadways is prohibited until the roadway has been cleared curb to curb. Please note: A plow truck may take as many as three passes to clear the snow curb to curb. If your car is parked on the street during a snow event, the City of Hudson Police Department will issue a citation.

In addition to parking restrictions, staff would also like to remind property owners of their responsibilities for sidewalks. Property owners with adjacent sidewalks and pedestrian ramps are required to remove all snow within 24 hours following the cessation of the snowfall. If the owner fails to comply with ordinance 212-9, the city shall remove the snow and charge the property owner per the approved fee schedule. Keep in mind that many residents utilize the sidewalks throughout the winter months, and we need everyone’s cooperation to keep them safe and accessible.

Speaking of safety, the Public Works Department wants to take time and recognize one of the best parts about winter — snow forts. Done in the correct location, snow forts are a lot of fun, however, throughout winter staff comes across many forts being built in locations where kids may be in danger, specifically, cul-de-sacs and boulevards. Parents, please do not let your kids build forts in the boulevards or cul-de-sacs as safe and efficient snow removal is hindered.

Thank you in advance for all your help and patience throughout the winter season. Know that your Public Works Department is working hard to keep your roads and walkways safe. To find out more information on the city’s Winter Maintenance Operations Policy, please visit www.hudsonwi.gov.