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Q: The women in my coffee group were discussing the new flashing turn arrows in town; can you clarify the difference between a flashing yellow arrow and steady yellow arrow?

A: Thank you for your question, evidently you are not alone, regarding the flashing yellow arrow. During the most recent Toward Zero Deaths fatal review meeting, it was noted that there were a few crashes and near misses related to the new flashing yellow arrows. On Oct. 7, 2019, we briefly discussed how to turn at a flashing yellow arrow at the Spring Creek Road intersection.

In Red Wing, two of the traffic signals that utilize the flashing yellow arrow: one is at Spring Creek Road and Highway 61 and the other is at Highway58 and Flower Valley/Pioneer Road.

Minnesota Statute 169.06, Subdivsion 5 covers traffic control signals. On a “flashing yellow arrow” you may make a left turn when it is clear to do so. Remember, you must still yield to on-coming traffic as they have the green light/right of way.

When the flashing yellow arrow turns to a steady yellow arrow, you may finish completing your turn if it is safe/clear to do so. All other traffic approaching a steady yellow arrow should prepare to come to a stop, as the light will be changing to solid red.

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