Do newspaper writers read other newspaper writer articles? Yes, they do. I have been a loyal reader of Roseanne Grosso's articles in the Republican Eagle paper. I have followed her family happenings for many years. Last week she shared the changes in her large Italian family and how it affected the way they celebrate Christmas.

A number of us can relate to Roseanne. Both she and her husband came from large families and Christmas was a total get together time for every age and most people lived close to the hub of Christmas and met at Mom's place. Mom and/or Grandma usually cooked up a major storm of goodies and got everything to flow in a single household for huge numbers of guests. Time went on, the kids grew up, got married and had their own families. The tug of “war” between who is going to spend the holidays where became a part of the picture. It got harder to get whole families together and the modern world moved on as we aged. Some traditions changed and new ones added as the family dynamics changed and this felt good and bad at the same time.

I can clearly relate to this picture and at times it caused crushing feelings of letting go of some of the old traditions and feeling guilty about the new ones. I think most of us in younger days felt that our family was the only one that had problems or did things that we did not want to talk about. As we got out in the world we discovered just the opposite; seemed like everyone's family was in the same boat as us in some way or other.

Let’s rejoice in our human ability to accept change and move on to enjoy life with a mix of past and present. Just because we could get on a plane and go almost anywhere in the world in a reasonable amount of time does not mean we have to. Let’s move on to make new happy memories for us to look back on and add to the long ago traditions. It's all OK! We may have to say it a few times but it is all OK.

Time is rushing by and a large number of us are probably doing some crazy things to keep up. I usually get a fever about three days before the 25th that I have to make more things for a large number of people. I have really, really tried to put the squash on that hormone, but it comes back each year. This year I had the strong feeling that I had to make my own cookies in large numbers. That ranks right up there with the first hormone problem. Only so much time in each day. Age is a good thing, and I am cooling down to hopefully a reasonable number of cookies in production.

The report on some of the cookies mentioned last week is very good. I loved the Lime-Gin Coconut cookies! If you are OK with coconut, do look up that recipe and go for it. I not only dipped them in white chocolate, I also drizzled them with white and dark chocolate on the top. The Chocolate Thumbprints that were rolled in beaten egg white, dipped in a nut mixture and then have the print filled after baking was outstanding. The Thumbprint Cookie with Pistachios was also very good and tender and I used my chocolate raspberry jam instead of seedless raspberry jam put in place before baking. I am going to do some of my regular must-have for the holidays including peanut butter blossoms, date bars, cherry winks and chocolate mice. I keep thinking why in the world would anyone think eating something shaped like a mouse be good, but I LOVE making them. Maybe because they are such a big part of my life?