When I was teaching and the end of the trimester rolled around, before the kids left for the weekend and the start of the next trimester, I would always tell them, “Over the weekend, think about what happened this trimester in here. Think about what went well and about what you wish you would have done differently. Then, when you return on Monday, your slate is clean as we start a new trimester, and you can learn from your previous trimester … in all your classes!”

And so went the profound advice of Mr. Brooks. Hehe. Well, I’ve been thinking about that as we finish 2019 and look to start a new year in just days. Let’s see what went well and what didn’t for me, OK?

Let’s get this first one out of the way. Losing weight. Forget it. Not sure why, at my age, I’m even thinking it’s going to happen. Ugh.

To be honest, trying to remember what happened 12 months ago is a challenge in and of itself. However, I can tell you once again that in 12 months, I have a closet shelf in my bedroom that needs to have an overhaul. I simply need to make time and go through each and every sweatshirt, most of which will go to Goodwill. The whole weight thing over time and the excess sweatshirts are sort of a hand-in-hand issue. I repeat … Ugh.

For years, I’ve been saying I need to take a week, rent a cabin up north, take my laptop and simply escape and write. Get a lakeside cabin so I can sit outside in the mornings, look at the water, and drink coffee before hitting my keyboard. But once again, it didn’t happen. I have somewhat of an excuse, however. Willy, my cat, would need to be looked after for a week. If you’re thinking I could take him with me, no. I couldn’t. He can’t make his way across Apple Valley to the vet without getting sick in his carrier, both ways. It’s to the point where I have the vet making a house call for his annual exam. However, I DID get to a cabin in Nisswa over Labor Day weekend this year. My friend and I got a great cabin on the water for a good price the final weekend of summer. It was everything I had hoped for. One of my goals for 2020 will be to do that several more times.

Another disappointment of my own doing was I didn’t get back to my home state once to see a Brewers game at Miller Park. I love baseball. I love my Brewers. Miller Park is awesome and when my sis and brother and their spouses go, we have a great time. Consequently, you can guess what I am hoping 2020 will bring.

I started working on my fourth book in January/February. My previous three were illustrated by a former student and they were Rosemount based, primarily for Rosemount folks. This fourth one was to be a story all would enjoy, not just a single community. However, the ending was my undoing. I never finished it in time to get it to a literary agent and to become a real book before the season. A huge disappointment for me by me. Next week, I’ll be talking about this again.

I did manage, to my satisfaction, to reconnect with old friends throughout 2019. Life is short. We need to touch base with those who got us this far in life. That’ll be happening again in 2020.

No matter how much I watched the clock, 2019 still went faster than I wanted. Especially this season. Next year, mark my words … oh dear God, here we go again … Happy New Y...

...Time’s up! See you next week!