The time is nearing the end of 2019. In some ways it came and went in a flash and in other ways some of those cold and/or rainy days lasted for a week. The important thing is that we are here to review it and ask ourselves what will 2020 bring. Another way to describe the year was a saying that I thought was very true: “2019 went so fast, I did not have time to go on a diet.” Since I don't follow the regular path too often, my review order, things I learned this year, and content will be more on the here and there side. In other words, it’s a lot of what pops in the head that gets written down.

A true feeling that is still running strong is that I do not like unsliced hot dog and hamburger buns. I do not buy their “it’s so much fresher” if you cut it yourself thing. When the meat or other filling are ready, those buns better be ready to open up.

I learned that you are supposed to use three bowls to separate eggs. One bowl for the yolks, one for the white as you get it from the egg, and the third to hold the collection of whites. This way you would not mess up the other whites if you mess up or hit a bad egg. I said I learned it, but I will not say that I have put that program to use.

Both Husband Larry and I had a chance to get sick enough to give the local doctors and hospital some income. Looking back at all those interesting noises I could create while the chest and lung problems were going on was the high point of the time. Good health is a true blessing.

It’s been a good travel year with a West Coast visit to my brother and sister-in-law in Halfway, Ore., in August. We had a super time and got a lot of Instant Pot cooking done. Lemon curd, French bread and sourdough were among the trial projects. The absolute downside was that just a few days after we got back home we learned that sister-in-law Pam had contracted West Nile virus and was in extremely serious condition. It's going to be a very long haul, but she is fighting her way back to be the regular energizer bunny that she was.

The “She Shed Studio” got many steps closer to completion but it still needs a few more projects to be undertaken. I do have the high-end champagne purchased for the opening so that better take place in 2020. Not that the champagne will go bad, it’s me that will go bad.

I added on to the “Car Park” at the end of the driveway with my $500 gardening soil purchase and planted it full of neighbor Tony and Rose's overwintered cannas.

The cannas grew like crazy (and reproduced like rabbits) and looked very pleasing. A number of projects for that space also are still floating around the brain. It will be next spring before I know if we have any success of overwintering the bulbs we saved. It's going to be an event either way.

Two trips to the East Coast to see daughter Nissa were completed. One was just me for a long girl's weekend with taking a batik class and the other was our annual October visit which includes some shopping, eating and wine tastings. This year it included whiskey tasting and I even had a few sips of that.

Oh boy, I see that this is turning into a serious space problem. I did keep up my goal of learning at least one thing a day and sometimes I had a week's worth in just one day. Looks like I would have to rent the whole paper to fill you in on that project. Loyal readers, lets see what 2020 brings and well wishes to all.