Well, that didn’t take long. There it was … 2019. And then all of a sudden … it’s gone! Not sure where it went, but OK. We’ll play the hand we’re dealt, and now we’ll fully immerse ourselves into 2020. Will this decade be a return to the “Roaring ‘20s?”

Last week, I talked about the disappointments and successes of 2019. Now, I’m exploring what I hope for 2020 and myself. Let’s see where this takes us, shall we?

For starters, if it was up to me at all, I’d make sure 2020 went slower than 2019 did. Of course, if 2020 throws challenges at me, then perhaps I’ll want to get to 2021 as quickly as possible. I can be fickle if need be!

After spending some time with my 3-year-old great-nephew over Christmas, I’d like to make 2020 a year where I get to know him and him, me. At Thanksgiving, we bonded for what was really the first time. He was at the age where I could actually communicate with him. I sat with him and pulled up Disney+ on my phone, showing him a vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon as we sat watching it on the couch. I had also brought a mini drone to fly outside; he was full of wonder. It was fun to watch his reactions. I felt like he finally knew who his Uncle Chuck was. I want more of that in 2020.

I’ve published three books and my former student illustrated all of them. They were primarily focused on the Rosemount community since I taught there for 33 years. I’ve now written a fourth story, just finalizing it in the last month. A second goal in 2020 is to return to this new story, revise and edit it before finalizing and sending it to literary agents who will accept it. That person will find a publisher and they, in turn, will hire an illustrator. My former student has since graduated from college and is in a new life. His world has understandably changed. You’ll hear all about the book progress here. It’s a Christmas story for, I’d say ages 8 and up. It turned out to be longer than I had planned, so it’s anyone’s guess what type of reaction it will receive from literary agents. By April, I want it done and to be in the literary agent hunt phase. Wish me well.

Another goal is to rid my home of clothes I haven’t worn and won’t wear anymore. The topic doesn’t need to be beaten to death. Everyone understands this one. So, I’m doing it this year.

I have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and Disney +. And, of course, cable. To say nothing of the bill, one has to wonder when I find time to do anything that doesn’t involve television. I don’t use the streaming services like others might. I’m still hooked on network shows (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX). I don’t binge any show. My monthly bill, however, is, in a word, stupid. I need to say goodbye to cable and figure out a service that will offer me what I like but not at the prices I’ve been paying. Now that we’re in January, to find one that serves my viewing needs is likely to be a top priority.

In a bundle of items, I want to continue to increase my reading time, meeting with friends over lunch and coffee, seeing movies in the afternoon, taking walks through the zoo and around Lake Nokomis, and getting back to my old stomping grounds in Wisconsin a little more often. How’s that all compare with your list?

See you here next week … same bat time, same bat channel.

Time’s up! See you next week!