When you’re young, time doesn’t fly by fast enough. As you age, you treasure every minute … and perhaps wish you would have spent more time in certain areas of your life.

Each of us starts the day with the same amount of time. What we do with it differs greatly.

While reflecting on 2019, I have to say I felt I was working all the time. I don’t recall reveling in anything frivolous. Everything seemed to have a purpose.

Yet, I have no regrets. If anything, I wish I could have gotten more work done. Maybe that will happen in 2020.

Workaholic, you think? Not so sure about that. I prefer the term “driven.” If not for that, I would probably never get anything done.

I know I try to do the best I can every minute of every day. Looking back, “being my best self” has likely always been my unspoken motto.

What about you? What defines your use of time? Is it to be the best parent, spouse, son or daughter you can be? Is it to fill your bucket list? Maybe you want to learn as much as possible.

Whatever it is, you have a brand-new year ahead of you to be who you want to be or to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Of course, dreaming won’t get you there. You have to take some time to plan how you’re going to accomplish your goal. Then you have to complete each step of that plan.

When you hit a snag, pivot and keep going. No quitting allowed. Because time is precious. Once wasted, you can never reclaim it.

Still, if you grasp every opportunity, you may become so overwhelmed that you spin in circles. There are hundreds of opportunities out there. They repeatedly show up, as if on cue. The key is to latch on to the ones that make the best use of your time for where you want to go.

You won’t be able to do everything … well. You don’t have enough time. If you want to master anything, you have to master how you use time.

There’s a time to daydream and to reflect. But you need to know when to get in gear, too.

Some people, like me, use a to-do list. This is not a simple task. There are countless ways to plan, craft and execute a to-do list.

If you’re a list-of-any-type person, whatever works for you is best, regardless of the latest trend. I know of someone who puts her daily goals on a post-it note. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t get done that day.

You have to add your special something to list-making to get to the execution stage, though.

Call it drive, ambition or that almost-out-of-time mode. Just … get … it … done.

If your goals are important enough to write down, to tell someone else about, or to always read about, what are you waiting for? Get going … you’re running out of time.

I wish nothing but the best for you in 2020.

As always, I will strive to add a dose of realism, while putting some worth in your while.